Fine stitches, intensive care, quality materials, delivery on time

 our practical routine!

 Over 38 years production experience, our factory locates in Yangjiang , Guangdong Province on the Mainland China comprises groups of professional workers of sophisticated handcrafts and techniques, and also possesses accurate machine units in production of various kinds of quality leather shoes.

The founder (owner) of our factory grew up in the shoe-manufacturing environment. He has been learning all the precious shoe making skills and accumulating valuable experiences since he was 18 years old, therefore we are proud to have such an expert leader in our factory. While the founder’s brother is responsible for business development, clients’ negotiations and communications. The two brothers work side by side for the family’s business.

We have our sources of steady supply of fine quality imported leather and selectively high quality leather from the mainland to conform to our buyer’s designs and requirements. We are well known at producing shoes by professionals that stitch quality materials with knowledge and care. We produce at low cost but high quality, and ship to our buyers on time to enhance their profit margins and facilitate their business processes.

One of the important reasons that we can maintain the quality at a progressively high standard and on-time delivery is because these are achieved by our valuable in-house skillful workers that came from our own home town that are historically and regionally well known for sophisticated shoe making techniques. This prevents flows away of skillful manpower and avoiding inconsistence of workmanship and quality, as well as keeps delivery on schedule for our customers.

Our products have been distributing over various cities and provinces in China and Euro-America countries with steady re-orders, and our factory has built up strong relationships with our clients, which makes us grow across time. Any time, place your order to our factory, you will get the best collaboration and our firm assurance.